Roof Replacement Information

In the aftermath of the recent hail storm, many owners are concerned that their roofs may have sustained damage.

If your roof needs repairs, but not total replacement, there is no need to submit for written approval from the Design Review Committee.  Repairs must be made using LIKE KIND MATERIALS as the existing shingles.

If after inspection, you discover that your roof needs total replacement, please submit the Request for Design Approval, to notify the HOA of the project.  This is not intended to create difficulty for homeowners, but to maintain a record for the homeowner and the Association.  Roof replacement is required to be a “LIKE FOR LIKE” exchange, meaning that the replacement shingle color must match the existing shingle color.  All homes in the community were built using OWENS CORNING “DRIFTWOOD” shingles,  so it is important that replacement shingles match, for consistency purposes.  Upgrades to the style of shingle, to an architectural shingle, or higher CLASS 3 or CLASS 4 of shingle is allowed, but the color must match the existing shingles.  Re-Roofing applications will be processed as quickly as possible, to not delay the contractors, but please be aware that a DRC APPLICATION IS REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED.

You can find the Request for Request for Design Approval for your use on the website.

Limb Lifting for Street & Sidewalk Clearance Required

As noted by the City of Longmont Code Enforcement Staff, many of the trees and shrubs throughout the community have grown an extraordinary amount this year!  This has resulted in many trees hanging well below the City of Longmont’s regulation of 15′ above city streets, and 8′ above sidewalks.

Per the City of Longmont’s City Land Development Code:

VIOLATION: 13.24.030.B –  It shall be the obligation of the owner of any property to remove, trim or otherwise treat trees and plants which B. Fail to provide clearance over streets and alleys of at least fifteen (15) feet and over sidewalks of at least eight (8) feet. The City is authorized to prune any tree or shrub to create a clearance need listed above and to assess the cost of such trimming against the owner of the encroaching tree or plant.

Please take a look at the trees and shrubs you own and check to see if they need to be trimmed/pruned to meet the City’s Ordinance for sidewalk and street clearance.

Privately owned trees that are not compliant with the regulation for street and sidewalk clearance may receive enforcement letters directly from the City of Longmont Code Enforcement in the coming weeks.  This reminder is initially being sent to all homeowners to give them an opportunity to complete the required limb lifting, before violation notices are sent out.  Limb lifting and pruning of the mature trees will also help prevent catastrophic damage due to snow storms and wind storms.  Trees require periodic trimming/pruning to encourage healthy growth.

Please be assured the HOA is identifying trees in the Common Areas that also need trimming up or removal of broken branches.  The Association’s landscape maintenance crews continue to work their way through the community to resolve issues with Common Area trees and plants.

QTR 1 Assessment Statements Mailed

Assessment statements for QTR 1, and a Newsletter, have been mailed to all homeowners.  Be sure to look for the statement in your mailbox in the coming days. Assessments are due on January 1, and are considered late if not received by the 10th of the month.

ALSO – Please be aware that the payment address has changed.  Please update your records and send in the payment to the new address, as listed on the Assessment Statement.

Annual Meeting Reminder – TONIGHT at 6:30pm

The Quail Crossing Residential Association’s Annual Meeting of Homeowners is schedule to be held TONIGHT, Wednesday November 15th at 6:30pm.  The meeting will be held at the Trail Ridge Middle School – 1000 Button Rock Dr.  A quorum (39 homes) must be present, either in person or by proxy, for the meeting to be valid, so all homeowners are encouraged to either attend, or submit your PROXY.  At the meeting, the 2018 budget will be ratified, and 2 homeowners will be elected to serve on the HOA Board of Directors for a term of 3 years.

To date, a total of 18 proxies have been received.  All homeowners are encouraged to either attend the meeting, or submit your PROXY so that a valid meeting can be held.

Social Committee – CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

The Quail Crossing Social committee is responsible for neighborhood wide social events. Events range from barbecues to holiday parties, garage sales to small group games like trivia. Like to meet at lot of people? Do you have a great idea for a party? Interested in something unusual that you’d like to share? As a social committee member, you can influence what types of social events are held at Quail Crossing, how they are organized, and help plan and execute events. A planning meeting is currently in the works for September.  If you are interested, email [email protected].  The more the merrier!

Garage Sale – Rain or Shine Event – Make up date also scheduled

The Quail Crossing HOA Community Garage Sale is a RAIN OR SHINE event.  Because it has been advertised, those homeowners who would like to hold their garage sale, should do so.

Due to the curve-ball from Mother Nature, the Realtor sponsoring the event has agreed to hold a “make up” event on Saturday June 3rd.  Homeowners can participate in tomorrow’s event and/or the make up event on Saturday June 3rd.

Quail Crossing Community Garage Sale – Saturday May 20th

The Quail Crossing HOA Community Garage Sale will once again be sponsored/coordinated by Realtor Jane Tipton.  The Community Garage Sale will be held Saturday May 20th, beginning at 8:00am.  All homeowners are welcome to participate by having their items displayed on your individual driveway.  Signs will be placed at the entrances to the community, and ads will be placed in the newspaper.  Additional information is expected to be distributed by the realtor sponsoring the event this week.