Roof Replacement Information

In the aftermath of the recent hail storm, many owners are concerned that their roofs may have sustained damage.

If your roof needs repairs, but not total replacement, there is no need to submit for written approval from the Design Review Committee.  Repairs must be made using LIKE KIND MATERIALS as the existing shingles.

If after inspection, you discover that your roof needs total replacement, please submit the Request for Design Approval, to notify the HOA of the project.  This is not intended to create difficulty for homeowners, but to maintain a record for the homeowner and the Association.  Roof replacement is required to be a “LIKE FOR LIKE” exchange, meaning that the replacement shingle color must match the existing shingle color.  All homes in the community were built using OWENS CORNING “DRIFTWOOD” shingles,  so it is important that replacement shingles match, for consistency purposes.  Upgrades to the style of shingle, to an architectural shingle, or higher CLASS 3 or CLASS 4 of shingle is allowed, but the color must match the existing shingles.  Re-Roofing applications will be processed as quickly as possible, to not delay the contractors, but please be aware that a DRC APPLICATION IS REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED.

You can find the Request for Request for Design Approval for your use on the website.