QTR 2 Assessment Statements Mailed

Assessment statements for QTR 2 have been mailed to all homeowners.  Be sure to look for the statement, and the enclosed HOA Newsletter, in your mailbox in the coming days.

ALSO:  The 2017 Quail Crossing Community Garage Sale has also just been scheduled for Saturday May 20th.  All homeowners are welcome to participate in the Community Garage Sale.  A local realtor – Jane Tipton – is sponsoring the event, and will advertise the garage sale the week prior to the event.

Rider Open Space – Public Hearing – TONIGHT – 7pm – 350 Kimbark St

A PUBLIC HEARING will be held tonight at 7:00pm at the Longmont City Council Chambers, regarding the proposed development of the Rider Open Space, directly NORTH of the Trail Ridge Middle School, into 300+ residential properties.

Homeowners are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend the meeting, and voice any concerns/questions that you may have on the proposed development.

An article from the Times Call can be found here: http://www.timescall.com/longmont-local-news/ci_30849109/longmont-parks-panel-sets-public-hearing-rider-open

Trash Collection on Windy Days

With the high winds being experienced, a number of trash bin lids are being blown open, allowing trash to blow around the community.  The City of Longmont Sanitation Department provided the following suggestion, to help reduce the amount of trash blowing out of the carts:

One strategy to reduce the chance of the wind blowing the lids open is to place trash and recycle containers with the handle/ hinge side of the carts into the wind.  Our new trucks are able to pick up and dump containers even if they are placed out with the handle towards the street.

To help reduce the amount of trash blowing through the community, place the cart so that the handle is facing into the wind, to avoid the lid blowing open.  Homeowners are also reminded that trash bins are to be placed in the garage, or behind a fence, except on the day of collection.